Jewelry, Second Life

Webby Earrings


In time for Halloween, we present the Webby Earrings. This cute and creepy earrings set comes with a HUD to allow you to change the web metal between for options (palladium, tungsten, gold, rose gold). The web comes complete with a visitor, a cute little spider. These earrings are intended to fit as if they cling to your ears, but can be worn multiple ways. Earrings are available in our store and on Marketplace.…/15837175

Jewelry, Second Life

Slither Ring


The Slither Ring is very customizable, which makes it something anyone can easily tweak to suit just themselves. There are five separate parts to the ring for which you can choose from four metals, and then the snake background itself offers an additional twelve tinting options via HUD.

It includes a click to resize script and comes ready to wear on your bento right hand ring finger. Want it on your left hand? Just swap the attachment point. This ring will also work for classic hands and non bento mesh, but it may require some

to sit just perfectly.

Ring and it’s demo are available both in world and on Marketplace.…/15763675

Jewelry, Second Life

Our first bridal sets!

This weekend, we were in the mood for love! We have three releases for you from our new bridal line.
The Lavish Twirl rings are a wedding band set – two rings are included. They are the perfect balance of gold and palladium with a tungsten twirl through the middle.
The Intertwined Engagement Ring and Band are available separately. The engagement ring pairs well with either the Intertwined Band or the Lavish Twirl set. The Intertwined set features a delicate gold band intertwined with diamonds. Want a little more color in your rings? Both Intertwined pieces come with a HUD to tint the diamonds to your liking.
All of our bridal pieces are transfer so that you can present them to your special someone, and are available in store and on Marketplace.
Jewelry, Second Life

Sending My Heart

Our first release from our Radiant collection, Sending My Heart is a message in a bottle in the form of a heart.  The necklace and bottle can be changed via HUD to any of four metal options, and the HUD also allows you to change the heart, with four crystal and four gemstone textures included.  Available in store and on marketplace.



Jewelry, Second Life

Path To My Heart

Path To My Heart can be a classic pearl necklace, mardi gras beads, and anything in between.  This double strand of pearls allows you to tint all pearls via HUD (alternating colors possible) as well as the central heart.  Clasp can also switch between gold and palladium finishes.  Available in store and on marketplace.