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The Camilla Collection

The Camilla set (bracelet and necklace sold as a set or separately) makes its debut today in the Swank women’s area. Meant to be worn either dressy or casual, both pieces come with a HUD that allows you to select between eight metal textures and sixteen stone textures. They are unrigged with a resize script to allow flexibility to fit any avatar.
Demo available – come see us at Swank!
Jewelry, Second Life

The Entwined Bracelet

DeliciaeEntwinedDisplayPhotoSwank opens today – our release for the male area is actually a fun unisex bracelet. The 
hex nuts have a choice of two textures (rusted or not) and the cord they are on can be tinted any of ten colors. As with all of our pieces, these are unrigged so you can wear them however you like, and include a resize on click script to make sizing a breeze. Demo is available at the Swank event.
Jewelry, Second Life

The Simple Things Necklaces

After the popularity of our Simplicity Necklace, we decided to give you more options.
Sometimes the simple things are the most meaningful. New in store and on marketplace, our Simple Things Necklace is a bar necklace on a box chain. There are three packages – the base version, conversation hearts, and pet names. Each included the necklace with both materials turned on and off, and a HUD to change between ten words/phrases.
All textures available in four finishes: Platinum, Gold, Rose Gold, and Tungsten
Base HUD:SimpleThingsNecklaceBaseAd
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Animals
  • Books
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Music

Conversation Hearts HUD:

  • Be MineSimpleThingsConversationHeartsAd
  • Hot Stuff
  • Kiss Me
  • Love Bug
  • Love Me
  • Me + You
  • Soul Mate
  • Sweet Pea
  • Text Me
  • You Rock

Pet Names HUD:

  • AngelSimpleThingsPetNamesAd
  • Babe
  • Baby
  • Darling
  • Dearest
  • Honey
  • Kitten
  • Mine
  • Princess
  • Sweetheart
Or on Marketplace:
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Two new pipes available in store

Both the Smolder Pipe and the Wizard’s pipe are available in store now.  They make a great addition to any look or can be rezzed in world as a display item.

This Pipe has realistic smoke particles you can turn on/off via the HUD included. This Pipe is also un-rigged and has a built-in re-sizable HUD to fit any avatar.

10 Different Textures For The Stem/Bowl


Jewelry, Second Life

Simplicity Necklace – Grumpy Santa Hunt Gift

We are taking part in the Grumpy Santa hunt starting December 3 and running through the end of December. Santa was trying to get in a better mood when he dropped off this gift with some uplifting words on it. The Simplicity necklace has four finishes available with no engraving or changeable to read peace, love, joy or hope – giving you a total of 20 options via HUD. The hunt costs L$1 per prize. Hunt hints and SLURLS can be found at: (click Hints in the menu)


Jewelry, Second Life

Celestial Goddess Necklace and Earrings

We went for a slightly bohemian feel with the Celestial Goddess items.  Both Earrings and Necklace come with a HUD to allow you to choose between four metals and ten stone textures.  The stones can be mixed or matched – the small and large stones texture separately.  The pieces include a click to resize script to make them fit to any avatar.

These pieces will be available exclusively at the Original Vogue Event from November 25 through December 15.


Jewelry, Second Life

November Rain Necklace and Earrings

We have two November Rain pieces at the Evil Bunny Black Friday Bazaar event, and during the course of the event they will be sold at a 50% discount.  Both are available in either Copy with No Transfer perms or No Copy with Transfer perms.

The November Rain Earrings are meant to be versatile and therefore have no earring post – you can wear them with either end of the earring as the top, although they are set to attach the same way they are photographed in the ad by default. The HUD includes your choice of four metals and eight crystals. Included in the package are both materials and non materials versions. 

To make the November Rain Necklace versatile, we have included four lengths of the necklace. Each features the same chain link and pendant, just modeled to different lengths to make them fit with most necklines. Much like the earrings, the HUD includes a choice of four metals and eight crystals. Each package has both the materials and non materials versions.