Jewelry, Second Life

November Rain Necklace and Earrings

We have two November Rain pieces at the Evil Bunny Black Friday Bazaar event, and during the course of the event they will be sold at a 50% discount.  Both are available in either Copy with No Transfer perms or No Copy with Transfer perms.

The November Rain Earrings are meant to be versatile and therefore have no earring post – you can wear them with either end of the earring as the top, although they are set to attach the same way they are photographed in the ad by default. The HUD includes your choice of four metals and eight crystals. Included in the package are both materials and non materials versions. 

To make the November Rain Necklace versatile, we have included four lengths of the necklace. Each features the same chain link and pendant, just modeled to different lengths to make them fit with most necklines. Much like the earrings, the HUD includes a choice of four metals and eight crystals. Each package has both the materials and non materials versions.


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